NATPAT Buzz Patch – The Ultimate Mosquito Protection for Kids


The NATPAT Buzz Patch Mosquito Patch Stickers for Kids is a safe and effective solution to keep your little ones protected from mosquitoes. Made with all-natural, plant-based ingredients, these patches are non-toxic and DEET-free. With their convenient, long-lasting design, they are perfect for on-the-go use. In this review, I will share my personal experience with these mosquito patches and provide my overall conclusion.

I was initially skeptical about the effectiveness of the Buzz Patch Mosquito Patch Stickers, but I decided to give them a try for my family’s outdoor activities. To my surprise, these patches exceeded my expectations. One little sticker was all it took to keep the pesky bugs at bay. During our trips to the park and ball field, we experienced no issues with mosquito bites. The patches were easy to apply, and my kids loved the colorful smiley patterns on them.

However, I did notice that these patches might not work equally well for everyone. While they were effective for me and my family, my daughter, who is more prone to mosquito bites, still experienced some bites. It’s worth mentioning that we had to use multiple patches at once, which resulted in going through them quickly, especially as a family of four. Nonetheless, the pleasant smell of these patches added a nice touch to our outdoor adventures.

Safe and Effective Protection

The NATPAT Buzz Patch Mosquito Patch Stickers for Kids offer safe and effective protection against mosquitoes. Made with all-natural, plant-based ingredients, these stickers are non-toxic and DEET-free. The use of the most effective and safe essential oil combination ensures that your kids are protected from mosquito bites without any harmful chemicals. With BuzzPatch, you can have peace of mind knowing that your children are protected from mosquitoes in a safe and effective way.

Instant and Convenient Protection

The BuzzPatch stickers provide instant and convenient protection against mosquitoes. They are most effective in the first 8 hours but continue to offer protection for 24-72 hours. This means you don’t have to worry about constantly reapplying mosquito repellent throughout the day. The long-lasting nature of these stickers makes them perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or simply playing in the backyard. Applying the stickers is easy, and their small package size makes them perfect for on-the-go use and travel.

Kid-Friendly and Parent Approved

Kids love wearing the BuzzPatch mosquito stickers thanks to their colorful and cute smiley patterns. They are comfortable to wear and can be easily applied. Parents can rest assured that their babies, toddlers, and kids are protected without exposing them to harmful chemicals. The BuzzPatch stickers are a parent-approved solution for keeping your little ones safe from mosquito bites. Say goodbye to worries about itchy and uncomfortable mosquito bites and hello to happy and protected kids.

Medical Grade Adhesive Patches

The BuzzPatch mosquito stickers are made with high-quality, non-woven fabric patches that are medical grade and water-resistant. These patches are designed to stay in place even during activities that involve sweat or water exposure. The pleasant smell of the stickers makes them a favorite for the whole family. With their reliable adhesive, these patches will stay put, ensuring continuous protection against mosquitoes.

Multi-Use Functionality

The BuzzPatch mosquito stickers are not just for kids – they are suitable for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults alike. Whether you’re going on a family vacation, exploring the outdoors, or simply enjoying time in your backyard or patio, these stickers offer reliable protection day and night. Their small package size makes them convenient for travel, allowing you to bring them along wherever you go. No matter the occasion, the BuzzPatch mosquito stickers are your go-to solution for mosquito protection.

Real Customer Reviews

Customers have been impressed with the effectiveness of the BuzzPatch mosquito stickers. Many have experienced a significant reduction in mosquito bites after using these stickers. One customer even mentioned that they no longer have to worry about bug bites after using just one sticker. Other customers appreciate the pleasant smell and the convenience of these stickers, making them a must-have for outdoor activities and everyday use. With positive reviews and satisfied customers, it’s clear that the BuzzPatch mosquito stickers are a reliable and effective solution for mosquito protection.


  • Safe and effective – The NATPAT Buzz Patch Mosquito Patch Stickers are made with all natural, plant-based ingredients. They are non-toxic and DEET-free, making them safe for you and your kids. The essential oil combination used in these patches is effective in repelling mosquitoes.
  • Instant, convenient, and effective – These mosquito patches provide instant protection and are most effective within the first 8 hours of application. They continue to be effective for 24-72 hours, providing long-lasting protection. The patches are easy to apply and environmentally friendly.
  • Kid-friendly and parent-approved – Kids love the colorful, cute smiley patterns on these patches. They are comfortable to wear and easy to apply. Parents love that they can protect their babies, toddlers, and kids without exposing them to harmful chemicals.


  • Multiple patches may be required – Some users found that one patch wasn’t enough to fully repel mosquitoes. Multiple patches may be needed, especially if you want to cover your entire body.
  • Limited effectiveness for some users – While many users found these patches to be effective, there were a few who didn’t notice a significant difference in mosquito bites. Individual reactions to mosquito repellents can vary.
  • Fast consumption – Due to the need for multiple patches, some users found that they went through the patches quickly, especially when using them for a family of four. This may result in more frequent repurchases.


    Overall, the NATPAT Buzz Patch Mosquito Patch Stickers for Kids have been a game-changer for my family. They provided us with a safe and effective way to protect ourselves from mosquito bites without the use of harmful chemicals. These patches are perfect for babies, toddlers, kids, and even adults. While they may not work equally well for everyone, they are definitely worth a try. The convenience, effectiveness, and kid-friendly design make them a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Say goodbye to irritating mosquito bites with these reliable mosquito patches.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: How long do these patches last?

    Answer: The NATPAT Buzz Patch Mosquito Patch Stickers are most effective within the first 8 hours of application and continue to repel mosquitoes for 24-72 hours.

    Question: Are these patches safe for kids?

    Answer: Yes, these patches are specifically designed to be kid-friendly. They are made with all-natural, plant-based ingredients and are non-toxic and DEET-free.

    Question: Do these patches work for other insects besides mosquitoes?

    Answer: While these patches are primarily designed to repel mosquitoes, some users have found them effective against other insects like chiggers. However, individual results may vary.

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